Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Single Girl's Guide to Greece

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For Ava, a travel writer, the best way to get away from a bad relationship is to head to Greece. Two weeks into her trip, however, she finds herself broke and almost stranded in a beautiful, yet remote, seaside town. She has two options. She can pack up, admit defeat, and move back to her mother's. Or, she can stay in Greece, keep working, and risk having to panhandle for change at a dirty bus stop in the middle of nowhere.

Ava's seriously considering the bus stop.

When a handsome café worker tricks her into joining him for dinner, she has no idea she just might have found the answer to her problems.


A Single Girl's Guide to Greece by Suzanne Bourgeois is a fun and steamy read. 

Available now for the following ereaders: 


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