Pictures from Our Books

Our writers love traveling and eating! 

And usually when they do either, they find inspiration for their romances and cookbooks. 

We've asked our writers to keep taking pictures, and to share some of the inspiration for their stories here, as well as some samplers of the recipes you'll find in their cookbooks. As we continue to publish, we plan to add to this page, and we hope that you'll sign up for our newsletter in order to follow our writers as they eat their way around globe and share their inspirational pictures! 

Click on the story titles below to be taken to their images

A Single Girl's Guide to Greece (Book #1 of the Traveling Romances series) 

*NEW*  In the Court of Kemet (Book #1 of the Ancient Egyptian Romances Series) -pictures from Luxor

Living with Oral Allergy Syndrome:  A Gluten and Meat-Free Cookbook for Wheat, Soy, Nut, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Allergies

Recipes for Unusual Gluten Free Pasta: Pierogis, Dumplings, Desserts and More!

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