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La Venta West, Inc includes one director / author, a rag-tag group of occasional beta readers, editors, authors, and consultants, and one very soft, plump cat. We work out of a comfortable living room and from our desks we can see about two inches worth of the beautiful mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

La Venta West was initially created by food blogger Danielle S. LeBlanc in order to publish a cookbook or two for her blog readers who suffer from bizarre food allergies. Since then, however, it's expanded. Danielle's published more books. A shy author friend who writes romances, Suzanne Bourgeois, got on board, and now things are starting to roll.

We do our best to edit scrupulously. However, if you do spot a grammatical or spelling error, please, please email us at laventawest [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll do our best to fix it right away.

On that note, we're mostly Canadian. If you're one of our friendly readers in the US or outside of the Commonwealth, there's a good chance those aren't spelling errors you're seeing, it is just British spelling. But shoot us an email if you think it's a mistake and we'll check it out!

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carol traulsen said...

Do you accept submissions? I do write what I call foodie/chick-lit fiction.Merritt Kelly. email me at merrittkellyauthor@yahoo.com This is my pen name Carol Traulsen is my real name