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A Single Girl's Guide to Greece - pictures of Monemvasia

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For Ava, a travel writer, the best way to get away from a bad relationship is to head to Greece to hike medieval strongholds and tour the countryside. Two weeks later, however, she finds herself broke and stranded in a beautiful, yet remote, seaside town. When a handsome café worker tricks her into joining him for dinner, she has no idea she just might have found the answer to her problems. 

A Single Girl's Guide to Greece is Book #1 of the Traveling Romances series.

Suzanne Bourgeois has traveled throughout Greece and the beautiful town of Monemvasia was the inspiration for A Single Girl's Guide to Greece. Suzanne wanted to share some of her photos from Monemvasia with her readers here, and we thought you'd like to see some of the things described in the novella! 

Click on the images for larger versions. 

The cobblestone streets of the island town of Monemvasia, described as Ava begins to wind her way up the mountain

Cats being fed in the morning :)

The view of the ocean on the way up the mountain

The Agia Sofia and the edge of the mountain cliff

The countryside and olive groves

The mainland town of Monemvasia, some of the food Ava ate in the novella, the view of the island mountain, and the harbour where Ava and Costas launch their romantic late-night cruise

Check this recipe that's similar to the baked feta and tomato dish below! 

Grilled octopus

Mussels in tomato sauce 

 Grilled prawns

You can almost see the snapping turtles in this photo...

The island of Monemvasia as seen from the mainland

We hope this inspires you and that you enjoy being able to see some of the places Ava and Costas were when they fell in love! 

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